Wednesday, 7 August 2013

T-Glase Tiki

I am lucky enough to have a small amount of the new Taulman3D T-Glase (pronounced Glass) which I have been trialling on the UP Plus.
PLA settings are too cool for good adhesion, but with the use of the temperature reducing patch lead (250C) I got great results. This materail prints really easy, with no stringing and almost no warp. It is super clear and when the light catches it it gives an almost mirror like reflection. It also has great strength.

Here are a couple examples.

I really do love shiny things!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I'm all for PC!

I'm working on my own hot end design and today I got around to testing some polycarbonate. I had tried printing this previously at 260C and although it would extrude the layers just didn't bond very well. With the all metal hot end, I tried again at 290C. I was very happy to see this time the layers stuck together, in fact it is quite strong given it is only one layer. Although I think, surprisingly, the best attribute to PC is the amazing silver like shine it has, unfortunately somewhat lost in this photo. It is also very transparent, even more so than clear ABS or PLA.