Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Acrylic printing update

After some time trialing printing on acrylic I've decided there is no real advantage over glass with kapton tape. Although it works, it doesn't offer a strong enough adhesion for larger parts. It also suffers from warping as the heated plate warms up. So its back to kapton on glass for me. Incidentally I have had a batch of kapton tape specially cut to 140mm, to suit the UP printer. This has made the job of replacing damaged tape much easier. Previously I had to carefully line up multiple strips.


  1. I have heard of people having good luck with PVA glue diluted to 5:1 or so. If the build plate is removable, you can wash it off with water.

  2. Hi Ian, thanks for the tip. I did try PVA glue at full strength, but it didn't hold. Another possible option I have seen used is hairspray! But I think I will stick with kapton on glass. I'm having really good success with it. Cheers.