Thursday, 6 September 2012

Clear update

Here are a couple shots of a 0.8mm thick(this is as thin as my printer will allow) rectangle, one printed at 270C the other at approximately 240C.

The results are not what I expected at all. I had expected the higher temp would produce a clearer print, but it doesn't. It seems to be more crystal like. Strength is about the same for both pieces, which I think is better than other filaments I have used, but I'll hold judgement until I do direct comparisons. Certainly the bare filament takes far more to break from bending than normal.

This first one was printed at ~240C

High temperature 270C
 The liquid paper test!
Clearly better ( pun intended)

I also tried sanding a piece with 1200 grit and then rubbing with acetone, but this didn't have any real effect on the transparency, but it did make the layers a little less defined.

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