Sunday, 28 October 2012

1.7mm Wood has arrived!

I was pretty excited to receive my 1.7mm wood sample the other day. It looks really good. very flexible, to the point it is quite difficult to snap, unlike ABS.

I quickly put it in the UP and extruded at 200C. All looked good for a while, as I attempted to print out the cyclonic shape I printed with the Crysta-Line filaments. Anyway, after about 10 minutes the extruder blocked. Damn. Although when cleaning I discovered the tip hadn't blocked but the tube above had! Not sure why, as this is 2mm wide. I later discovered that it is also reccomended to use a nozzle of .5mm. I have a spare which I will drill out ( the stock Up nozzle is .35mm) and try again.

One thing I found was that due to the texture of the wood layers almost disappear.

Here is a picture of what I managed to print out.


  1. I have a design for you! ;)

    It may need support but the UP! can handle it perfectly.

  2. Hi Dizingof!

    I am trying a larger tip on the up, as I had some blocking issues. Once its ready I'll give your design a go. I did see it and it looks great. Hopefully I can print it soon!