Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Laywoo-D3 update

After a total of around 8 hours of printing with the Laywoo-D3 with no blockages I'm fairly confident that the .5mm nozzle has done the trick. Enlarging the UP nozzle also hasn't seemed to have had a detrimental effect on ABS or PLA printing either!

Something I have learned is this material really likes plenty of air. Very much like PLA in this regard. Otherwise it has a tendency to become quite stringy.

I printed the terracotta warrior again but with maximum fill. This gave a pleasing weight to it. Much more like a real piece of wood, more so than the previous hollow print. The other thing I discovered is that the layer bonding is excellent, and the parts, although they flex a little, are very hard to break.

This is a tornado I printed at .15mm. Its a little furry.


  1. Thanks Dizingof.

    I started printing your Mayan vase, but had a power failure half way through. I'll be trying it again soon.

  2. Ouch

    I just published a set of "end of the world" Mayan Coasters.. should be much easy and quick to print:

    Btw, The accuracy of the UP! 3d printer is stunning.